Monday, 30 June 2014

We want to be like them (Poem)

We want to be like them
But do we know what it took for them to be them
And if you look close enough
you would see even they don't want to be them
The journey was rough, full of pot holes and very narrow
a lot of right and left turns
Why do you hate you?
why do you hate me? why do you hate us?
Something is definitely not right
Because I am you,
you are me and we are us
This is my open letter to my generation,
signed, sealed and delivered
So if you still claim it didnt reach you
then there's nothing left for us to discuss
Go about your business, steal what you want to steal
Take what you want to take
Be who you want to be
Discredit them for their brilliants
Hate what and who you want to hate
I won't tell you, you are making a mistake
I wont try to stop you,
you are at liberty to live your life
the way you want
even as a fake,
a photo copy of the original image
And even that you will have followers
other people will still like to imitate that fake image
Authenticity is cheap, at a very low rate
but still lazy money cant affordThey say we can still win the battle
how? when we lost the war Education is the key
but I don't see them trying to show us the door
Salvation is key, Knowledge is power
Wisdom is waiting for you to claim it
I hope you understand

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