Sunday, 21 February 2016

Civilization (Poem)

Civilization and development strikes
sacred lands invaded, natives way of life compromised
A government is introduced,
we are bein thaught 2 follow politics
n go 2 school, cos they say da key is education
but tell me do u c a door?
it dont matter what tribe u belong to
or the condition u facing
we are building one nation
and u are going to be part of it whether u like it or not
from now on your whole existence
depends on the economy
stop wearing da clothes u wearing
put on a suit and a tie cos its more current 

The sun is too hot 4 this kinda outfit
plus The tie keeps choking my neck
but they wont give u a job without it
Oh my God!!! what are we going to do 

I know u c what the African is going thru
but is okay cos someday is all goin to b over
n i hope that someday comes soon

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