Monday, 30 June 2014

The Search Begins (Poem)

 Am lookin for somethin the naked eye cant see.
I dont even know what it looks like but i will know when i find it.
so the search begins but in what direction
cos in the end is more of a feelin than a possession
is more of what i wanna be than what they want me 2 be
freedom 2 me is more of thinkin im free
than hearin someone tell me am free
so why should a dead body remind me am alive
when i feel dead, cos it doesnt breathe, walk, talk or feel
the fact that i can b seen, heard or felt dont mean am real
who am i? what is the reason for my being
am i just another human breathing
living life waitin for death
there's got 2 be somethin more
something we dont know yet
somethin we chose to ignore
something so visible
but we can only see it if we want to
dont be lazy, spent a little time, explore
and i promise you in the end it will all be worth it
cos u will feel so whole you will think u didnt deserve it
yes the evil in you is still workin
cos you do deserve it
you will be happy when you find your true self
happier than you are now cos it will be better
than the cards you were delt
no more will you feel the way you felt
thats how its suppose to be
you get closer to you
i get closer to me
and when we get closer 2 eachother
we will both know what we can offer
and what we cannot
so nobody gets disappointed cos u know what i aint got
you accept me as i am i accept you as u are
cos i can neva change you only you can change you.

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